Samsung Galaxy S4
Starcom MediaVest

Samsung users have come to love the Galaxy experience and the meaningful, innovative features that simplify and redefine the way individuals interact with their smartphones. But it’s difficult to convince people entrenched in other devices to switch to a phone if they aren't familiar with it. To get people to consider switching to the Galaxy S4, they had to prove that the change would be worth it.

Samsung needed to show non-Galaxy users what they were missing out on by giving their current Galaxy users a chance to show their friends something incredible.

For the Millennial target audience, live music festivals are the ideal place to start a dialogue and create an unforgettable moment. If they’re not there to create, capture and share with their social network, then someone else will. They designed an amazing, exclusive EDM music festival in New York featuring the artist Zedd. But to truly do something never been done before, they made the experience customizable by allowing concertgoers to choreograph the concert’s fireworks displays from Galaxy S4 phones.

Samsung created physical stations equipped with Galaxy S4 devices throughout the festival that were loaded with a specially developed app for the audience to customize the shape and color of each individual pyrotechnic and set them off to the DJ’s beat.

To extend the event, Samsung also created a music video showcasing Zedd’s performance of as he utilized the Galaxy S4 to set off the pyrotechnics during his set. They also created an online Samsung Galaxy S4 GIF Gallery of all of the animated gifs taken at the festival. Samsung demonstrated that no other phone could capture and share experiences quite like the Galaxy S4.

They were able to deliver a 6% increase brand awareness among the target audience with 90% of the 3,000+ festival attendees participating in setting off the fireworks using the Galaxy S4.