Keeping up with the Fans
Liquid Thread/Starcom MediaVest Miami

Samsung has long been an official sponsor of soccer, supporting iconic sporting events such as the World Cup. But in spite of hundreds of thousands invested in a game that consumers love, Samsung still seemed distantly connected to the fans. Samsung needed to invest in an emotional connection: showing fans a love for the game, not just for showcasing their products.

Playing with a home field advantage this year, Samsung Latin America took it one step beyond news and updates by connecting fans with the game they love. They created a transmedia platform and app inspired by the passion and love that Latin Americans have for soccer. The app’s design is social with multiple ways for fans to be connected with friends while enjoying regional content, real time stats, social rewards and conversations.

Results showed the campaign received more than 5.8 million unique page views and reached over 4 million users, 79% of them new!