Emirates Airline
Hello Boston, Hello Tomorrow
Havas Media Group

Despite its reputation, Emirates Airline found competition is fierce at Logan Airport, while passengers saw little differentiation among carriers. Many Bostonians were not entirely familiar with Middle Eastern culture and tourism in Dubai. But Dubai welcomes all tourists of any background

Emirates Airline’s mission was to encourage Bostonians to fly with them. And Boston’s reputation for intellect guided their approach. They targeted Boston ‘Globalistas’, adults 25+ with $75K+ HHI, who are in love with travel. Globalistas are educated, influential, and proud to try new things. This person not only embraces innovation, they seek it out.

Boston’s Red Line became the ‘Emirates Line’ – with media blanketing every station featuring the ‘Hello Tomorrow’ campaign messaging. Emirates Airline also partnered with Mashable, driving engagement via a Mashable ‘Hackathon’, connecting Emirates with coders with the goal of creating a new travel app. They paired up with Buzzfeed to create content themes for New England, focused on technology and relativity between Boston and Emirates. The airline reached food innovators by partnering with Boston Magazine to create the Emirates Spring Food Bazaar, where world-famous local chefs featured unique experiences from never-before-tasted pairings and menus.

An Instagram scavenger hunt around Boston for a chance to win tickets on Emirates Airlines was also part of the campaign, really engaging the brand with Boston locals. And it’s worked! Boston loves Emirates Airline! In fact they have already seen tremendous results in ticket purchases. Emirates is already upgrading their Boston planes for 40% more capacity due to such strong sales!