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Audiences are changing the way they consume video. Many people are migrating to mobile devices to watch content they would ordinarily watch on other screens. In Colombia, this became an important issue as mobile adoption is higher than 100%. Mobile usage has grown significantly in the last few years, as well as the consumption of the mobile data from smartphones.

The challenge for Claro, the largest Colombian mobile carrier, was to create a TV series of quality content to be delivered exclusively through mobile devices-- to engage users while also being attractive to brands who would advertise with the project. Talión was launched, the first series created in HD for mobile devices. With a cast comprised of characters well recognized in Latin America, 12 episodes of 2 minutes each were delivered weekly to Claro´s users for free.

Users were also invited to visit the Talión website by SMS with the option to watch the series on the mobile site or from via the website. Viewers were engaged with the series via social media channels. Select users won tablets and exclusive dinners with the cast through promotional contests and additional content generated during the process of the production. More than 80,000 subscribers engaged with the new service generating 24,000 likes on Facebook..