Adrenaline in Real Time
PHD Germany

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tire manufacturer found itself in a difficult situation in Germany. German legal regulations are strong, and the tire category is cluttered with different brands seeming very similar. So it is not surprising that Germans have lost interest when it comes to tires – even though they love speeding down the freeway at over 200km per hour on their way to work. At Bridgestone, they needed to remind German petrol-heads that it is actually the tire that does the hard work and enables a shared passion for driving and adrenaline. With the help of the first live advertising campaign ever - purely driven by adrenaline.

Communicating this type of experience through traditional media would have been impossible and so they threw out the rule book, and did something completely new. Bridgestone knew that highly qualified racing drivers, such as the former Formula 1 driver Stefano Modena, aimed for nothing but burnt rubber and the fastest laps. So they put him to work racing at a breathtaking speed of over 200 km per hour live from the racing track in Ronda, Spain. These drivers were then accompanied by real-time bloggers, who sent out live reviews of the ride. These heart-racing posts about their unique experience and the tire’s performance, hit over 130 leading platforms of the digital European automotive scene. The resulting reports from bloggers made the reader feel as if they were physically in the driver’s seat of the car; causing enormous buzz and true engagement.

Via the campaign Bridgestone generated over 1M interactions and an earned media value of over 5M Euro. These figures did not only exceed their wildest expectations, but sales were boosted so much so that just 6 weeks after the campaign, the tire was out of stock in Germany, as well as in all major European countries!