Amplify on Demand

Amplify is a technology company trying to disrupt the education space with their enhanced digital curriculum. They needed to build a digital solution that would allow Amplify to provide the same atmosphere of a tangible session, but through the digital landscape.

To that end, Amplify has been building two-week-long pilots where they provide a tutorial and walk through of their curriculum. However, the problem is with thousands of districts in the nation, this marketing tactic only allows for at most 26 pilots in a given year. It was not scalable.

Amplify needed a solution that could speak to teachers, parents and even students about their unique digital curriculum and the power it has to change the education. Vertic created, a 3D virtual classroom that organizes Amplify’s curriculum through videos, voice-over, and PDFs. And with over eleven actions per user and more than seven minutes of engagement per user on the site, Amplify is on track to accomplish their goals!