Delivering Relief

In January and February, during one of the worst flu seasons in decades, Walgreens needed to communicate that they stocked everything to help rid you of your cold or flu. Yet, when you’re sick, everything is more difficult—even getting a glass of water feels like a chore—and Walgreens wanted to make it as easy as possible for sick consumers to get relief.
They accomplished this by thinking outside the box and partnering with popular app TaskRabbit, a leading delivery and task service available in 18 US metropolitan areas.

TaskRabbit dedicated a custom portion of their “Task Wheel” to ordering cold and flu medicine from Walgreens for the six-week height of the cold and flu season. Consumers could post their order for medicines to the TaskRabbit community and negotiate with one of the service’s trusted Rabbits, who would then pick up the items and deliver them right to the consumer’s door at a desired time. All of the payments went directly through the user’s app, and their pre-loaded credit card.

This integration was TaskRabbit’s first-ever retail partnership, expanding Walgreens’ delivery service into 17 new markets. The partnership not only aligned the Walgreens brand with innovation and efficiency, but also positioned Walgreens as a friend there to help when you are in need making the brand part of the community. Mashable, TechCrunch and others posted articles about the campaign-- pulling Walgreens into the innovative shared economy space. In addition to the earned media and impressions, the average Walgreens’ basket size of TaskRabbit purchases doubled the Walgreens average amount spent of $13 to $26!