Suncorp GIO
Post It Note
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When is your car insurance due? No idea? Can’t remember? Don’t care? In the somewhat dry world of car insurance, the amount of time given to thinking about renewal by an individual is about four weeks. Four weeks out of fifty-two. With such a small window, how could Suncorp GIO ensure it was talking to the right customers at exactly the right time to switch? Suncorp GIO knew if they could impart a very meaningful message at a very precise time, consumers would respond. But insurance suddenly has more providers than ever, with most competitors offering cheaper rates than GIO.

From a consumer point of view, insurance is a compulsory “grudge” purchase for all car owners which, once purchased is not actively thought about at all until it’s time to renew. GIO needed to find a personal touch, a way to essentially tailor their marketing to the individual. People have been leaving themselves Post It sticky notes as reminders, but today as people move to a paperless world, they are much more likely to leave digital reminders for themselves instead. No piece of technology is more of an extension of the consumer as their mobile phone. So GIO created Australia’s first mobile Post It note, an always on personal reminder from GIO that would be there at renewal time!

To promote the feature, they ran rich media mobile banners on the highest-reaching mobile sites. The ads were highly discoverable for a preferred audience. GIO started with 5M impressions set to run 40 hours per week. They also created a permanent brand asset that lives in the consumer’s world and makes sure GIO are their first point of call. The results were outstanding, with the mobile Post-it notes delivering more than four times more calls per dollar spent, compared to the historically well regarded print campaign. After the 3 month campaign, the mobile Post-it note had delivered 71% of total calls and generated an effective Cost per Acquisition that was 75% lower than the print campaign.