Bioreactive Concert at SXSW

Pepsi was looking for a new way to leverage their long association with music and to connect with fans at live experiences in an authentic way. At SXSW 2014, the brand set out to rethink the typical live music experience where fans are spectators. They wanted to integrate fans into the show like never before. However, the live concert has not evolved much over the last few decades with the exception of fans becoming more interested in documenting the moment with smartphones.

At SXSW 2014, Pepsi and famed DJ/producer A-Trak teamed up to provide a groundbreaking bioreactive concert experience that integrated state of the art wearable technology into the performance. Concertgoers received Lightwave wristbands that monitored their heart rates, movements, and body temperatures which directly influenced the concert. When the room got too hot, wristbands unlocked Pepsi-inspired cocktails and blasted cool air over the crowd. The energy peaked with a massive boys vs. girls dance-off getting everyone in the audience to dance even more. Wristbands were synched up to the audience’s social media accounts, allowing Pepsi to give shout-outs to fans who were dancing the hardest. The data collected was relayed in real-time to A-Trak, so he could adjust his set based on how fans were physically reacting and changed the visuals to mirror the audience’s mood.

It was clear the message was received; Pepsi saw 1,540 tweets and 638 press mentions related to the concert. The Pepsi Bioreactive Concert was a successful experiment to elevate Pepsi’s live experiences and introduced an entirely new form of audience participation!