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Having created an award winning mass consumer engagement platform with BeBeautiful.in, it was time for Hindustan Unilever’s beauty brands to take the next leap into to a more credible, yet relatively un-chartered territory-- video blogging.

Young Indian girls today are taking it upon themselves to share opinions on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, so personal blogs have now become a canvass for self-expression. Globally, several beauty YouTube stars like Candy Johnson have a fan following that runs into the millions. Another such beauty blogger, Michelle Phan, has grown so popular she now has a makeup range to her credit.

Indian beauty bloggers still have not embraced the wave of vlogging or video blogging. Unilever saw this as an opportunity to bring together the next wave of bloggers on a single, unified platform by empowering them and opening doors for them. They partnered with Google, so that BeBeautiful could conduct a video MasterClass with bloggers. From fun, engaging sessions with fashion and make-up experts who inspired trend spotting and subject ideas, to hardcore technical specialists on the craft of filmmaking and editing., the MasterClass gave bloggers an enriching experience.

By supporting these future video stars with expert knowledge, the vloggers were happy to find a platform with the BeBeautiful YouTube channel. The best vlogs that highlighted Unilever beauty brands were featured. This dynamic, new enhancement helped to grow the Unilever BeBeautiful channel to over 31,000 subscribers and 11 million views.