Sochi had six years to prepare for the Olympics. Six years to build a platform for the global celebration of sport. Six years to deliver a single message of athletic inspiration to all corners of the world. Visa had four weeks. Visa had been an official Olympic sponsor for more than 25 years. This time, a global brand repositioning just happened to come 31 days before the Olympic fortnight was to begin. With the objective to launch this new brand identity and inspire a global audience of almost 4.8 billion viewers, the goal was to hit the ground running.

Visa decided to return to their core message, ‘Visa, everywhere you want to be’ and they had to use this message to light a torch that would be passed on to everyone, everywhere.

With the Opening Ceremony on the horizon, Visa’s re-branding echoed globally. The idea was simple; provide inspiration in a timely fashion in response to the games through shareable and chatter-worthy content for any language or market. Through collaboration, global teams crafted an ‘everywhere’ framework within the core digital creative and media strategy.

High impact and massive multi-market reaching YouTube mastheads and Facebook reachblocks were put into place to capture the attention of viewers everywhere on any platform. Custom Vine videos directed, shot and produced in real-time and on the grounds in Sochi showcasing the motion of Visa athlete’s everywhere. Ultimately all tactics were localized and relevant but still drove consumers to one central and customized hub; giving the campaign a global scale that didn’t sacrifice a personal touch.

Visa’s content produced five times higher social engagement than the second-place sponsor. With an almost-perfect 96% positive sentiment of the brand, Visa increased sponsorship awareness, brand equity and – critically – credit card transactions. A third-party study even showed that these custom executions moved fans enough to pursue their ambitions and aspire to reach their goals!