Oscar Mayer (Kraft)
Starcom MediaVest Group

Oscar Mayer needed to create buzz and start a conversation around the brand to make it topical and relevant. The company needed to remind consumers of what Oscar Mayer is at its core – a playful, irreverent, and beloved American brand. Working with a limited budget, they needed to drive earned exposure and create a program that would deliver more than a one-for-one ROI.

When people think of Oscar Mayer in the US, they think of the Wienermobile, one of the most iconic and beloved American brand images. It’s a goofy, silly and playful embodiment of the brand – a giant hot dog on wheels! The Wienermobile was introduced to Americans in 1936 to bring smiles to the masses in the midst of the Great Depression. The brand saw an opportunity to leverage that hot dog on wheels to start social conversations and reignite people’s love for the Oscar Mayer brand. Their idea? To give Americans the opportunity to lease the Wienermobile!

First, a parody video was created showcasing the Wienermobile’s sleek auto physique, teasing consumers that the latest hot car in the market would be introduced soon. Blind posts on Twitter were placed to pique people’s interest and speculation abounded. Was this the Porsche? 2 days later, MotorTrend made the big reveal. It was the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, and for the first time ever, this iconic auto was available to lease on Twitter for just “140 characters down.” Consumers laughed along and Tweeted to claim their lease.

Nostalgia is a very human emotion and in re-booting something from their brand’s rich past for today’s digitally driven social world was a great way to connect with consumers and share that history. Social Media was able to bring an iconic childhood memory right to their front door.

The Wienermobile drove so much interest that the value of earned impressions doubled the investment put in by the brand. The engagement rate with the teaser tweet was over 17% beyond expectations. Brand chatter increased by 1,400% but most importantly consumer sentiment for the brand increased by 20%. And one lucky tweeter actually won – and was able to lease the Wienermobile for a day!