Naked Juice
The Power Garden

More than 23.5 million Americans live in a “food desert,” with limited access to fresh produce, and where people would rather follow their Facebook feed than feed a garden. Naked Juice needed to bring the growing experience to their audience, and engage through social behaviors. So Naked created the world’s first social media-powered garden, fertilized by Tweets and as much alive on the web as it was in real life.

This garden grew the six different vegetables featured in the Power Garden juice line and used a combination of motion and touch, paired with Twitter data to shape its living personality. The physical garden was located in Riverside Plaza, along a busy route through Chicago. As with any real garden, the more water, attention, and sunlight the plants received, the happier they were! The Power Garden also sensed when people passed by and literally called out to them for engagement, while also providing fun facts about each veggie. Spectators had the most fun when they touched the vegetables –each had a unique voice that responded.

Additionally, Naked Juice hosted sampling days during the garden’s lifespan, driving trial among new users. For those not onsite, the garden had its own Twitter handle, @ThePowerGarden, that responded to tweets. Any tweet that mentioned ‘water’ related keywords activated the sprinklers.

The Power Garden enabled people to literally talk to the Naked Juice brand in a new way. Allowing fans to care for the garden themselves created a deep emotional connection with the brand. Naked Juice used an advertising campaign to give back to its community – the same community that kept its garden alive on Twitter all summer. Naked Juice also donated all of the Power Garden’s crop of vegetables. Over its 55-day lifespan, the Power Garden registered over 1.3 million physical touches to its plants, captivating nearly 25% of people passing through the plaza daily.