Grolsch (SABMiller)
Choose Interesting
PHD Canada

To support the brand’s global positioning as “the international beer with the most character,” Grolsch became the official beer of the Toronto International Film Festival in 2012. Their task in 2013 was to develop a digital campaign to leverage that partnership and also support Grolsch’s broader involvement with Canadian film and emerging filmmakers. They wanted to position themselves as the beer of choice for those who “make interesting choices.”

With a core target defined as “Refiners,” or web denizens who are socially engaged connoisseurs of independent film, music and fine cuisine, Grolsch tapped into the latest social trends, but avoided the mainstream to seek out interesting experiences. The Grolsch target believes that life is about the journey, not the destination, so the plan was designed not to deliver a brand message, but to provide the target with what they crave most: “interesting” content. Rather than create a website, Grolsch pushed the content out via “interesting” channels.

Grolsch collaborated with VICE to produce “Canada’s New Cinema” – a series of videos featuring select Canadian filmmakers explored behind the scenes, providing an insider’s look. The videos included unobtrusive Grolsch branding and tasteful product placement. All content was leveraged across all of VICE’s digital outlets – website, mobile, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook – as well as via the artists own social networks. Working with ION, Grolsch created editorial content showcasing multiple artists featured at the Grolsch Open House, a brand-hosted event that took place during TIFF. Grolsch was integrated into ION’s regular “Of the Month” online feature, which covered the Open House event and included in-depth profiles of the artists involved. Additionally, a custom editorial article, titled “Navigating the Discovery Series”, showcased the films and filmmakers. All of this content was also leveraged across ION’s social channels.

Knowing a target’s passion points and partnering in unique ways pays off. Grolsch has successfully established themselves as an edgy supporter of independent film in Canada, and the go-to beer choice for their target . . . all without a brand website. The Grolsch “Choose Interesting” campaign has driven Y.O.Y growth of over 20%, received accolades from the Toronto Film Festival, marketing community and partners. While its partner programs with ION and VICE driving 4.3MM impressions against original, target-relevant content.