Google Outside
OMD International, London

Google Search has shifted from being just a useful tool to actually changing everyday human behaviors. Search on mobile platforms has liberated people to make decisions on the go. However ‘Googling’ has become so natural that people assume all search is the same. Most simply search via mobile browsers, instead of using the Google Search App (GSA).

Google wanted people to re-think search by demonstrating the advantages of GSA, while increasing usage and improving brand perceptions. Over the years, people have forgotten how magical the act of ‘Googling’ can be; it provides the exact information you need immediately. Young Londoners rarely plan ahead and are always out, so they need information on the move. Google identified them as the prime audience who would most benefit from using GSA. This group also posed a challenge; their busy lifestyles led to light media consumption. Google needed to show them the magic of GSA.

So Google Search came to life through 160 digital outdoor screens in central London transport hubs, underground platforms and bus shelters. Each screen delivered content that was unique, smart, and contextually relevant. These screens created a city-wide presence, allowing Google to reach Londoners in different contexts-- during daily commutes, evenings out, or on weekend shopping trips. It was the first time DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) screens had been converted from static monitors to local information hubs displaying real-time Search results, specific to exact time and location. The online Google Now and Google Search experience was re-created in DOOH. Over 100 gigabytes of data were generated and distributed to screens-- hundreds of times more than any previous live DOOH campaign.

The results were conclusive: 92% of people who saw it found the content interesting, 89% found it informative, 78% said they learned something new, 74% said Google helps them discover and do more and 68% found it personally relevant. Perception of Google as an innovative company increased 11 points to 81%. With 1 in 5 who saw Google Outside downloaded the Google Search App. Transport for London hailed it “the most innovative campaign ever run on our placements,” and Google Outside proved it was possible to bring Google Search to the streets of London to provide assistance and inspiration, while also putting smiles on people’s faces around London.