The 50th Year Race
Havas Media Group, France

French retailer Carrefour was celebrating their 50th anniversary. And they were challenged as a brand to create a unique customer experience that would increase loyalty and enrich their online database. How could they celebrate Carrefour's anniversary and offer a new vision of the hypermarket combining entertainment and innovation?

French customers are emotionally engaged with their favorite shops and love spending their time shopping. However, their behaviors have changed over the past few years due to pervasive use of smart phones. Shoppers today expect more from their shopping experience, they want to buy and share products from multiple access points, not always in-store.

Carrefour decided to create an innovative 3D shopping and gaming experience to celebrate their anniversary called 'the 50th Years Race.’ They inspired consumers to rediscover shopping and interact with the hypermarket in a completely different and rewarding way through a location based marketing strategy. Using Google Street View Technology, Carrefour created a social shopping experience that was accessible both physically and virtually. Utilizing Google Maps technology, they mapped every square foot of a retailer store so consumers could rotate and click their way through the entire store using their mobile or tablet. Consumers could spend time navigating the supermarket sections, discovering new products and collecting hidden gifts though this virtual game. Customers could also login to the dedicated website from their desktop at home or work, and spend time within the hypermarket virtually discovering all of Carrefour's products and services.

The experience was directly linked with the Carrefour's online store and results showed that customers enjoyed staying in the virtual store even after the game had ended. Over 10K connections were made every day; with average engagement time being 3.30 minutes per session.