Snow Beer
Courageous Adventure over the Himalayas
Havas Media Group China

Last year Snow Beer wanted to launch a campaign that would inspire adventure in young, urban people. They soon found Snow Beer drinkers felt extreme sports didn't speak to their personal identity or day-to-day lives. So they got adventurous and came up with a concept to create ‘DNA tests’ that would reveal everyone’s adventure identity.

In China, Sina and Tencent are the largest social media channels used. Everyone has a profile; making them the perfect platform to launch Snow Beers' DNA test. Profiles were scanned using data-mining technology and high-frequency keywords used in user micro-blogging history. Based on these findings, a specific ‘adventure’ gene prototype was assigned. Participants answered questions determining whether they were: a 'Challenger, a 'Pioneer' or a 'Prodigy.' These profiles then tailored a virtual journey over the Himalaya Mountains, as well as an in-game series of short films that were designed to enhance the player's experience. Along the way, players accumulated points, which translated into a 'bravery rating.' Their final game rating could then be shared with others via social media, allow them to challenge friends and family and increase Snow Beer’s awareness.

By campaign close, roughly 3 million people participated in the game on Sina and Tencent. Microsites reached 10.37 million unique visitors, beating the targeted by 25%, while Snow Beer’s official website racked up 3.2 million page views. The Snow Beer Courageous Adventure Campaign inspired participants to share and really got more mainstream consumers identifying with the brand.