Using 1st Party Big Data to Drive User Engagement
Just Media

LoopNet is the #1 commercial real estate service online with more site traffic, members and geographic coverage than any other company in their field. Yet, they wanted to reach more individuals, and had hopes of improving retargeting efforts by gathering more data about their users’ actions online. Ultimately, LoopNet wanted a retargeting strategy that would deliver a personalized message to each site visitor that encouraged them to return to the site and upgrade their professional subscription.

To achieve this required some understanding of all site users—ranging from anonymous users, basic members, premium members and listers. Next, users were identified by geographical search and the type of property they were viewing on the site. Depending on these variables, the LoopNet algorithm was able to predict what ad message and combination of property mix would be most attractive to each individual user. The ad server was able to deliver dynamic and personalized ad creative in real time. This creative was then integrated into the agency DSP to retarget users across the web in real time.

The goal was to bring the user back to the site, via a distinct property, and have them sign up to be a premium member. Through an integrated data loop, Just Media was able to provide a raw daily data feed to LoopNet, Inc. that showed how users from different designated markets interacted with the banners, the listing they viewed, and if their listing bundle altered in response to the ads.

The critical use of dynamic ad creative, predictive algorithms and DSP-based retargeting specifically applied for this B2B audience ensured the success of the campaign. Plus, the innovative use of first party data directly injected into the advertising insured that this was a balanced program with strong results.