TV Meets Second Screen
PHD Germany

With strong heritage in organic healing Weleda has been innovating within the beauty category since its foundation and is recognized as THE brand for organic and natural cosmetics.
However big category competitors like L‘Oréal and Nivea have entered the segment with new and larger line extensions backed by massive advertising investments, especially within in TV. Weleda needed to outsmart its giant competition – and the way to do so was simpler than expected: they needed to make use of the early adopting ambitions of its brand audience.

Weleda consumers enjoy multiscreen media experiences and often use a mobile or tablet while watching TV at the same time. This was an opportunity to build the brand and simultaneously make sales. In creating and activating the ‘WyWy-App,’ a Weleda TV-spot was automatically recognized by a mobile device which initiated the transmission of digital, mobile Weleda content through real-time-bidding. So while watching the TV spot in the ad break, Weleda enabled its audience to see synchronized Weleda communication on their second screen devices as well.

And it worked! Research partners reported overall audio-visual reach was boosted by over 10% reaching a level that none of the major competitors were able to achieve. Purchase intention increased by 9% and the extension into mobile increased positive brand attitude by 38% leading to a stronger brand engagement!