KFC Arabia
Initiative UAE

KFC Arabia has been putting smiles on the faces of people throughout the Middle East for decades. Youth and families come to these restaurants not only for the delicious original recipe chicken, but because KFC Arabia connects with them on a personal level through offline and online media. With over 1.6 million ‘super fans’ who check-in regularly to prove it! About to celebrate KFC Arabia’s 40th anniversary in the region, the brand wanted to find a way to link the previous ‘So Good’ campaign platform with the 40th anniversary celebration and keep their super fans smiling.

So often we get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. A smile from a loved one or even a stranger is sometimes all it takes to alter our mood and brighten our day. KFC’s idea was to use social media to leverage the contagious power of smiles to spread their existing ‘So Good’ message and get their super fans talking about their 40th anniversary. KFC developed an augmented reality Facebook app where these super fans could use their smiles to compete for prizes.

Contestants smiled into their webcam and the app’s ‘smile-o-meter’ prompted them to keep smiling bigger until they reached at least 75% on the scale. Half-hearted smiles just wouldn’t cut it – KFC fans needed to smile BIG! Fans then posted their smiles to KFC Arabia’s Facebook wall and asked their friends for likes and shares. Smiles with the most likes were then entered into a drawing where lucky winners were rewarded iPhones and KFC food prizes. To gain full participation and spread even more smiles, KFC promoted the campaign on Facebook and Twitter through ads and promoted posts.

Well, KFC set out to make people throughout the Middle East smile, and smile they did! In just three weeks, the campaign generated over 800 qualified smiles that scored above the 75% smile-o-meter requirement. The smile campaign generated over 418M new Facebook fans, 60% of which were organic, helping KFC Arabia reach a new milestone of over 2 million super fans!