Afternoon Mo Joe

GE wants to connect with business decision makers, improve news consumption and be positioned a thought leader. MSNBC’s Morning Joe has a strong following of business decision makers, but the news doesn’t just stop at 7am.

People have become accustomed to Twitter’s 140 character limits, so they can easily digest news content in bite-sized pieces and through all channels. Using these insights, GE helped NBC News extend Morning Joe beyond the 6am broadcast to other platforms with exclusive digital content through a program called Afternoon Mo’ Joe. A series of custom on-air segments jump-started the program, along with weekly, short-form refreshed digital content. These focused segments had unit adjacency, billboards, and teaser content driving traffic to Afternoon Mo’ Joe. Weekly digital videos included greenroom interviews with ‘Making Things Happen’ guests, roundtable discussions, and additional clips from relevant on-air stories. These kept the audience connected to MSNBC, Joe Scarborough and GE throughout the day, while also providing them the added benefit of content only made possible because of GE.

Afternoon Mo’ Joe drove a 92% completion rate, the highest across all NBC-GE programs in 2013, and resulting in 7.6MM video views.