Eli Lilly
Get It Out of the Way
OMD International London

Getting men to visit the doctor is difficult even in the best of circumstances…let alone encouraging a visit to discuss Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Yet this was the primary objective of Lilly’s ED and BPH treatment education campaign. Understanding the core target and gathering insight that these sufferers, referred to as ‘Balanced Barry’, was key. ‘Balanced Barry’ is aged 40-65 years, active, healthy and in a stable relationship. But he wants to enjoy life with his partner. Balanced Barry is reluctant to discuss sensitive conditions with anyone: partner, friend or doctor.

In fact, research has shown that it can take an average of 2 years to seek treatment for these conditions, with many men not seeking treatment at all, as they often wrongly view it as an untreatable part of the natural aging process. The research presented against this backdrop of embarrassment and stigma showed that the internet provided a natural place for further understanding of the condition and potential treatments, while offering complete discretion. Additionally, given the unregulated nature of information on the internet, trust is vital, and to avoid being misinformed, people seek out credible online medical source for advice.

The overarching digital strategy was to position Lilly as the experts online, supporting ED and BPH sufferers with advice and guidance within targeted male interest sites, trusted health resources and when seeking additional information within Search. Partnerships were built with trusted third party medical sites to establish a long term association within the ED/BPH space. These relationships gave credibility to the Lilly message and drove greater engagement prompting action – supporting the goals of educating men and getting them to talk to a heath care professional. Additionally, bidding on campaign terms and ED/BPH health related terms, connected the audience to content offline to online.

In fact, Millward Brown research proved achievement of Lilly’s primary goal; getting ‘Balance Barry’ to visit their doctor. Those exposed to the campaign were 45% more likely to visit their GP!