PHD International London

Vloggers have become the new celebrity. There are people today creating videos for the web with audiences larger and more loyal than some prime time television shows. These vloggers are building their careers without the support of traditional media, using only a basic recording device and an internet connection.

Trying to take a picture of yourself with a camera is tough, but trying to capture footage is tougher. This is why Canon launched the LEGRIA mini, a camera that lets you put yourself in the frame. As the world’s largest video platform, YouTube has become a launch pad for modern talent. To convince the Canon audience that the LEGRIA mini is the ultimate product, they needed to encourage influential vloggers to tell their stories with the camera at the heart. Through a partnership with YouTube, Canon identified and recruited famous vloggers to get creative with the LEGRIA mini through their original content, while offering aspiring vloggers a “once in a lifetime” chance to get behind the scenes of the platform that could make them famous.

To kick off the campaign they launched teaser video. This video featured four handpicked, well-known vloggers and the tagline: “Your audience is waiting.” The vloggers filmed and edited videos of themselves showing how the features of the LEGRIA mini have benefited them in showcasing their passions. They then challenged aspiring vloggers; all entrants needed to do was share what amazing things they would do with a LEGRIA mini. The prize was the chance to go behind the scenes at YouTube offices in London for a day of master-classes. The campaign generated more than 5.6 million video views, on top of views generated through vloggers owned channel. Canon also generated huge demand for the product with a 92% surge in LEGRIA mini related search queries as a result of the campaign. But most importantly, they inspired a group of engaged, passionate and influential content creators!