Upside Television
Allende: And Assassinated Ideology
Havas Productions, France

In Chile General Pinochet overthrew democratically-elected president Salvador Allende on September 11th, 1973. Rather than risk capture, Allende decided to end his life in the Presidential Palace. On the 40th Anniversary of moment in history, Upside Television in France decided to broadcast a documentary titled Allende, an Assassinated Ideology.

The challenge was to promote the documentary by capturing the attention of politicians, journalists and the general public while also striving to achieve a 10% increase in viewership. To do so, Upside Television had to find a new way to connect Allende's story with the audience. Today Chileans are still divided into two camps: Allende followers vs. Pinochet followers. Two opposite sides, two interpretations of history.

To promote this documentary, Upside created an innovative experiment to attract viewer attention while enabling people to discover Chilean history in a unique way by showing them BOTH sides of the story. Upside Television implemented 3D-technology that came alive through glasses that responded to red and blue filters, which acted as “revealers” for Chilean history. When red glasses were used, a viewer could only see Allende´s point of view; in contrast, when blue glasses were used, one only saw the views of Pinochet. An accompanying website featured both Allende's and Pinochet’s political views, and Upside Television distributed a packet of interactive 3D glasses to Chilean politicians and journalists, so they might decode the digital site.

Upside Television wanted to get people talking-- and they did! More than two dozen web magazines mentioned the documentary campaign, including the Huffington Post. Most importantly, the day the documentary was broadcasted, audience engagement was 12% higher than projected.