Hindustan Unilever
Kan Khajura Tesan
PHD India

Hindustan Unilever aimed to find a way to communicate with consumers in India’s media dark markets, which represent 82 million households or 73% of the country’s population. Infrastructure poses the greatest challenge for brands to converse with these markets as 33% of India experiences daily power cuts for up to 10 hours. Low literacy levels add to the complexity. So with limited access to traditional media, creating mass reach was an uphill task for brands. Yet, finding a way to connect with this entertainment-starved audience was crucial to Hindustan Unilever.

KKT (Kan Khajura Tesan) radio was piloted in Bihar, the heart of the rural belt, whichliterally translates to “ear worm radio channel.” Taking advantage of a rural tradition of saving money by simply recognizing a missed call, KKT’s promotional message makes the process of connecting with the channel easy: “Missed Call Lagaao, Muft Manoranjan Pao,” which translates to “Give Us a Missed Call and Get Free Entertainment!”

When consumers got a call back from KKT, they could access 20 minutes of entertainment content updated on a weekly. The 20 minutes are divided into 17 minutes of content—from popular music, jokes, and the latest Bollywood movie releases-- and 3 minutes of Hindustan Unilever advertisements. Consumer interactions with KKT are now translated into data which is used to identify content consumption patterns and thereby deliver customized content.

KKT created many firsts for India and Hindustan Unilever—it is the first ever telco-agnostic, free-to-consumer, scalable, always-on, on-demand entertainment channel. The construct of the platform has allowed for a content exchange to take place between Hindustan Unilever and consumers. While potential customers get unobstructed access to entertainment content at the click of a button, Hindustan Unilever gets the undivided attention of consumers during the 3 minutes of served ads. An incentivized profiling model has been put in place to constantly learn consumer content preferences and thereby deliver customized content to the listeners.

Within just 5 months of the launch, over 8 Million subscribers in two states are listening to KKT. The subscriber base has now crossed 14 million, and Kan Khajura Tesan is the single largest media channel in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand in rural India.